[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Below is a list of ACVOW sponsorship programs and their cost. Though we have specific needs to fulfill with your contributions, the guidelines are by no means set in stone. Partial contributions and sponsorships at any level will be accepted with great appreciation. Contributions can be made in one dispersement or in periodic payments. Should ACVOW procure facilities for less than what is projected on this form, the remaining proceeds will go toward other programs in other locations and the payment of operating costs for these programs.

For all sponsorship levels, ACVOW will list each sponsor on its website with special thanks. Company logos will also be displayed with links to the sponsor’s website. Furthermore, a certificate of sponsorship will be provided as will special invitations to all ACVOW events. Promotional items such as t-shirts and decals will be made available upon request. Finally, press releases will be sent to all local media markets announcing your support for ACVOW.

If you have your own ideas or company policies for making contributions for non-profit organizations, please let us know.


$15, 120
Per Year
Safe Warrior or Warrior Women

  • Rent for meeting location 
  • Professional counselor to moderate 
  • Refreshments and supplies
  • Promotional materials 

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Per Year
National Training Center

  • Oceanside Headquarters Location 
  • Training classroom
  • Meeting and conference room
  • On duty veteran advocate
  • Central location

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Per Year
Veterans Moving Forward

  • Phone time for inmates to reconnect with family
  • New business suit for job interviews 
  • Belts and shoes for interviews

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